Top 100 famous world record :

Largest PizzaLongest Fingernails
Tallest ManLongest Hair
Shortest ManHeaviest Man
Longest RiverLargest Desert
Highest MountainDeepest Ocean Point
Longest BridgeLargest Building
Fastest 100m SprintLongest Jump
Most Olympic MedalsLongest Continuous Clapping
Fastest MarathonLongest Non-stop Flight
Most Expensive PaintingLargest Diamond
Longest Fingernails Ever (Female)Longest Fingernails Ever (Male)
Most TattoosMost Piercings
Longest KissLongest Time Without Sleep
Oldest PersonYoungest Nobel Prize Winner
Largest CakeLargest Chocolate Bar
Longest TV SeriesLongest Running Play
Most Goals in a Calendar YearLongest Tennis Match
Largest HotdogLargest Burger
Longest Time Playing a Video GameLargest Collection of Video Games
Largest Collection of Comic BooksMost People Twerking Simultaneously
Longest Nails on a Pair of Hands (Female)Longest Legs (Female)
Fastest Time to Solve a Rubik’s CubeMost Expensive Car
Largest SnowflakeLargest Collection of Sneakers
Most Coins Tossed Into Mouth in 30 SecondsMost Eggs Cracked with Head in One Minute
Largest PumpkinLargest Watermelon
Longest Living DogLongest Cat Whiskers
Longest Tail on a Domestic CatMost Pairs of Underpants Pulled On in One Minute
Most T-Shirts Worn at OnceMost Basketball Slam Dunks in One Minute
Most Push-Ups in One HourMost Pull-Ups in One Minute
Most Burpees in One MinuteLongest Plank Hold
Most Backflips in One MinuteMost Jumping Jacks in One Minute
Most Steps Walked Down by a Dog Balancing a Glass of WaterLargest Dog
Most Tricks Performed by a Dog in One MinuteLongest Tongue (Dog)
Most Balls Caught by a Dog with the Paws in One MinuteFastest Time to Walk on Hands
Fastest Time to Type the AlphabetFastest Time to Recite the Alphabet Backwards
Longest Hula Hoop MarathonMost Hula Hoops Spun at Once
Longest Time Balancing on One FootLongest Time Holding Breath Underwater
Most Cockroaches Eaten in One MinuteMost Spiders on Body at Once
Most Live Scorpions in MouthMost Cockroaches on Body
Largest Collection of Rubber DucksMost People Brushing Teeth Simultaneously
Longest Time Spinning a Basketball on a ToothbrushLongest Time Balancing a Soccer Ball on Head
Most Juggling Catches in One MinuteMost Plates Spun Simultaneously
Largest Collection of Four-Leaf CloversMost Marathons Run in a Year
Longest Time Playing a Musical InstrumentMost People in a Single Line Dance
Most Consecutive Pinky Pull-UpsMost Tattoos in 24 Hours by a Single Person
Longest Tattoo SessionLongest DJ Marathon
Longest Time Spent Playing a Single Video GameLargest Collection of Stamps
Most Stamps Licked in One MinuteMost Letters Received
Longest Time Spent Standing on One FootMost Pogo Stick Jumps in One Minute
Most Football (Soccer) Penalties Taken in One MinuteMost Goals Scored by a Single Player in a Soccer Match
Longest Time Bouncing a Soccer Ball on HeadMost Bounces of a Tennis Ball on a Racket in One Minute
Most Basketball Free Throws Made in One MinuteMost Basketball Three-Pointers Made in One Minute
Fastest Time to Solve a 3×3 Rubik’s CubeMost Rubik’s Cubes Solved in One Hour
Longest Time Spent in a Human TunnelMost Cartwheels in One Minute
Most Somersaults in One MinuteMost People Riding a Surfboard
Most Surfboards Ridden on One WaveMost People on a Single Surfboard
Most Consecutive HandspringsMost Double Dutch Skips in One Minute
Most People Spinning Hula Hoops SimultaneouslyMost People Jumping on a Trampoline at Once
Longest Conga Line on Ice SkatesMost People Ice Skating at Once
Most People Skiing Down a Hill SimultaneouslyMost People Dressed as Santa Claus
Most People Dressed as ZombiesMost People Dressed as Superheroes
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