Top 100 famous Controversies :

Watergate Scandal (USA)Monica Lewinsky Scandal (USA)
Enron Scandal (USA)Iran-Contra Affair (USA)
Fukushima Nuclear Disaster (Japan)Snowden NSA Leaks (USA)
Volkswagen Emissions Scandal (Germany)Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (USA)
Clinton Email Scandal (USA)Cambridge Analytica Scandal (UK/USA)
Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal (USA)Theranos Scandal (USA)
FIFA Corruption Scandal (Global)Brexit Referendum Controversy (UK)
R. Kelly Allegations (USA)Harvey Weinstein Scandal (USA)
Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal (Global)BP Oil Spill (USA)
Iraq War WMD Controversy (USA)Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme (USA)
Facebook Data Privacy Scandal (Global)Chernobyl Disaster (Ukraine)
O.J. Simpson Trial (USA)Prince Andrew Scandal (UK)
Bill Cosby Allegations (USA)Boeing 737 Max Crashes (USA)
Trump Impeachment (USA)Jeffrey Epstein Case (USA)
Kobe Bryant Allegations (USA)Michael Jackson Allegations (USA)
Lehman Brothers Collapse (USA)Nixon’s Resignation (USA)
Jimmy Savile Scandal (UK)AIG Bailout Controversy (USA)
Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (USA)Volkswagen Emissions Scandal (Germany)
Edward Snowden NSA Leaks (USA)Panama Papers Leak (Global)
Paris Hilton Jail Sentence (USA)WikiLeaks Cablegate (Global)
Martha Stewart Insider Trading (USA)Lance Armstrong Doping (USA)
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Exit (UK)Tiger Woods Infidelity (USA)
Kobe Bryant Rape Case (USA)Elon Musk’s Tweets and SEC (USA)
Princess Diana’s Death (UK)David Petraeus Scandal (USA)
Iran Hostage Crisis (Iran/USA)El Chapo Trial (Mexico/USA)
R. Kelly Charges (USA)Michael Vick Dogfighting (USA)
Amy Winehouse’s Death (UK)Tyco International Scandal (USA)
Anna Nicole Smith’s Death (USA)Adelphia Communications Scandal (USA)
Mel Gibson’s Rants (USA)Subprime Mortgage Crisis (USA)
Donald Sterling Racism Controversy (USA)Lance Armstrong Doping Admission (USA)
Paris Hilton’s Jail Time (USA)Tesla Autopilot Crashes (USA)
Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton (USA)Enron Accounting Scandal (USA)
Anthony Weiner Sexting (USA)Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme (USA)
Mel Gibson DUI Arrest (USA)Tiger Woods Cheating Scandal (USA)
Jussie Smollett Hoax (USA)Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault (USA)
Woody Allen Allegations (USA)Bill Cosby Sexual Assault (USA)
Casey Anthony Trial (USA)Sandusky Penn State Scandal (USA)
Roman Polanski Arrest (France)Alex Rodriguez Doping (USA)
Kobe Bryant Rape Allegations (USA)Ted Haggard Scandal (USA)
Janet Jackson Super Bowl Incident (USA)Charlie Sheen’s Meltdown (USA)
Pete Rose Betting Scandal (USA)Britney Spears Conservatorship (USA)
Paula Deen Racism Scandal (USA)Woody Allen Allegations (USA)
Mel Gibson’s Anti-Semitic Rant (USA)Robert Downey Jr. Arrests (USA)
Charlie Sheen HIV Revelation (USA)Hugh Grant’s Arrest (USA)
Kanye West’s Outbursts (USA)Lindsay Lohan’s Legal Issues (USA)
Hulk Hogan Sex Tape (USA)Paula Deen Racism Allegations (USA)
Tiger Woods DUI Arrest (USA)Bill O’Reilly Harassment Claims (USA)
Alec Baldwin’s Plane Incident (USA)Jared Fogle’s Conviction (USA)
Kanye West’s Presidential Run (USA)Charlie Sheen’s Public Breakdown (USA)
Lindsay Lohan’s Drug Problems (USA)Roseanne Barr’s Twitter Controversy (USA)
Caitlyn Jenner’s Transition (USA)Jared Fogle Scandal (USA)
A-Rod Doping Scandal (USA)Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial (USA)
Charlie Sheen’s HIV Status (USA)R. Kelly’s Charges (USA)
Donald Trump’s Impeachment (USA)Paris Hilton’s Sex Tape (USA)
Jesse Jackson Love Child (USA)Casey Anthony Murder Trial (USA)
Britney Spears Head Shave (USA)Jared Fogle’s Sentence (USA)
Kevin Spacey Allegations (USA)Martha Stewart Prison Sentence (USA)
Michael Vick Dogfighting Ring (USA)Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal (USA)
Britney Spears Conservatorship (USA)Paula Deen N-word Controversy (USA)
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